Decorative Chippings and Pebbles for Gardens and Driveways

Why choose Decorative Chippings and Pebbles for Gardens and Driveways?

  • Collection boasts a wide rage of versatile stones
  • Specific products suitable for driveways, pathways, water features, boarders and plant pot toppers
  • A carefully selected range of ethcally sourced, natural stone product
  • Available in poly bags or bulk sacks

The Stonemarket chipping and pebble collection boasts a carefully selected range of natural stone from approved sources. Our range includes decorative pathway chippings, garden pebbles, garden boulders and rockery features.

In our garden cobbles collection we have a choice of stone colours including white, buff, brown and grey.

If you are creating a new drive or pathway, then our range of chippings will be of interest.

All natural products vary, so it is best to obtain the total quantity you require at one time. Decorative Chippings and Pebbles come in polybags (coverage 0.4m2) or bulk sacks (minimum 850kg approx, coverage 22m2 at 25mm depth, for driveways we recommend a greater depth).

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