Paleo Vitrified Paving

Paleo Vitrified Paving

Paleo combines superb technical performance with gentle colours & textures. Available in three contemporary colours, Sand, Gold, Blauw & Ivory

Paleo Blauw is an unmistakeable paving that instantly catches the eye. Its subtle light blue colouration is very contemporary and will be appreciated by followers of the most modern garden trends. The surface is smooth and detailed and being vitrified, will continue to look its best even over the long term.

Paleo Sand and Gold display a stunning appearance, redolent with the ambience of the Mediterranean and sure to make a warm impression in any environment.

All three colours are available in square or rectangular formats, and also mixed size project packs for a truly distinctive project

Paleo Vitrified Paving is one of our vitrified paving products within our paving and pathways range.

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