Driveway Block Paving and Paviors

Why choose Driveway Block Paving and Paviors?

  • Choose from traditional and contemporary styles
  • Natural stone and reconstituted alternatives
  • Create unique designs with circles and octants
  • Colours to match most property types
  • Driveway System options

Your property’s front garden is the first impression neighbours and visitors have on your home. Keeping up with the Jones’ is a well know custom throughout the UK, and new statistics show that over a quarter of British homeowners are seriously concerned about the current state of their neighbour’s front gardens, with a further 45% saying they require attention. However many people see their front garden as just a car storage space and the area is often overlooked in favour of spending time on the back garden.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to create a beautiful, yet practical space that is a reflection of you.

Statistics show that almost half of UK households believe an investment in their front garden would

be worthwhile, and with the vast collection of products on offer from Stonemarket, a dream front garden is easier than you think!

The Driveway range boasts an extensive portfolio of contemporary and classic block paving and setts, ranging from ethically sourced natur

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