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Welcome to the Stonemarket web directory for downloading Declarations of Performance information in line with the Construction Products Regulations or CPR (2011). We hope that you may find what you need to within this directory.

As an alternative to using this search tool you can view our entire list of Declaration of Performance documents. You may also find our CE marking glossary of terms page useful as a reference.

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Annex 3 of the CPR has been followed to produce a "top" DoP for each part of the business where DoPs declare generically, as in the case with EN 1339 Concrete Flag, or by product type which is individually applicable to Natural Stone products. e.g. EN 1341 Slabs of Natural Stone for external use. In each case an index of what information is available is in page 1 of these documents.

The additional site based or product based table of declared performance documents satisfy the requirements of point 9 of Annex iii of the regulations and allows a more presentable form to accompany the main statement. These include all of the required attributes per standard.

The declarations remain valid until standards are revised or when significant changes are made to the values stated within the attributes on further testing (changes to test methods, or significant adjustments to the values). Declarations carry both date of implementation and an Issue number and will be changed when the above criteria alter.