ITV1's love your garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Stonemarket Natural Thin Slate Walling featured on episode four of ITV1’s Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh on 15th July.

The programme aired at 8pm every Tuesday, reunites a team of horticultural professionals including David Domoney, Frances Tophill and Katie Rushworth, who work to design and build inspirational gardens for deserving families.

In this episode, the team was tasked to create a garden for the Waller family from Runcorn, Merseyside.

Within the garden design, the Love Your Garden team wanted to provide a seating area which would form a real feature in the garden. They decided to create an ‘S’ shaped wall built from Stonemarket indigenous British slate which they could not only use to incorporate a seat, but to also plant in pockets created in the wall.

Natural Thin Slate Walling is split flat pieces of slate in random sizes in mixed shades of blue, grey and plum. The product is supplied in easy to order packs and covers two square metres, costing from £249.99 plus VAT.

Karen Waller has always wished for a garden makeover for her husband Ian and their two children, Harriet and Charly. In 2009, Karan was diagnosed with a grade 2 astrocytoma brain tumour and subsequent surgery to remove the tumour left her with severe memory loss. Even though Karen regained some of her memory some was lost forever.

Just as the family were starting to move on, in 2012 the tumour reappeared and sadly after enduring a second operation only 75% of the tumour could be removed.

Karan received unwavering support from husband Ian and wanted to give something back to him and the children for all their support and give them a place to enjoy when she may no longer be around.

To get the look of the Waller’s new garden visit the Love Your Garden blog. Stonemarket slate walling is named as one of Love Your Garden’s top favourite features!

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