Where to invest your money when redesigning your garden

Dreaming up a new design for your garden is a great way to spend an afternoon; flicking through magazines for inspiration, browsing articles online for beautiful images, and jotting down all those “if I could do anything…” ideas. But when it comes to actually doing your garden redesign, you might find that some of those dreams won’t work with your budget.

Each of us will have a different number in mind when it comes to redesigning our garden, and it’s essential that money is used wisely. It’s too easy to splash out on things you love without considering whether they’re worth the price, leading to disappointment (and a garden that’s not quite what you hoped for). So where are the best places to invest your money when redesigning your garden, whatever budget you’re working with?

We think it’s absolutely key to invest money in a good garden design. Without a strong blueprint for your garden, which makes the most of the space, light, the landscape and your needs, you’ll be building a beautiful design on weak foundations. You can create this design yourself, and invest time learning about what will look best, or spend wisely on a reputable garden designer who’ll be able to take your dream and make it a reality.

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Talking of foundations, another important place to invest your money when redesigning your garden is hard landscaping. Although it’s not particularly sexy, any serious changes to the layout and landscape of your garden must be done safely and properly, and carried out by a credible expert. Scrimp here and you might find you – or your property – at risk of damage from an unsafe and poorly-constructed outdoor space.

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The materials you use to beautify your garden, whether that’s walls, patios or planters, should ideally be the best you can afford. If your budget is strict, focus your spending on the places which will get the most wear and you’ll see or use the most often. High quality, durable materials here will give you pleasure and stand the test of time. Luxurious stone, like our Lorento Marble paving, or beautifully-finished and delicately-veined limestone, like our Namera paving, will look good, feel good and wear incredibly well over the years.

If your new garden design includes paving, walling and other structures, you might consider investing in stone materials which co-ordinate perfectly across different surfaces, like our Avant Garde sandstone range. By investing in one type of material, your garden will always look cohesive and considered, whatever planting you decide to put in or move around.

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Planting is another place where judicious spending can be very effective. A garden designer will be able to tell you exactly which plants are most appropriate for your space, saving you costly mistakes, but with a little bit of research you’ll be able to do this yourself if you prefer. Spend your money on any major structural planting – for example, new trees, shrubs or sculptural ferns you’re considering – as these form the ‘backbone’ of your garden design; weak, sickly specimens will let the whole thing down. Source your plants from a reputable stockist and, if you can, select those with a strong heritage and resistance to disease – these can be more expensive but are often worth it in the long run.

A garden redesign is the opportunity to bring your dreams to life, and you can do that on a tight budget. Follow our tips about spending wisely and don’t be afraid to invest in those things which, at first glance, might not be the most exciting – they’re often the most worthwhile. Next time you’re in the mood for some new ideas, take a look at our gallery of garden designs to spark your imagination.

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