General Information


All dimensions given are nominal and subject to manufacturing tolerances. The quoted sizes and coverage of our paving ranges are for the overall areas including appropriate joints, making it easier for you to plan a project and order the right quantities. For precise dimensions, measure several product samples at a stockist. We are continually making innovations and improving products so we reserve the right to vary designs and specifications without notice.


Variations in colour shade occur in all Stonemarket products. While the colours shown in this brochure are as accurate as reprographic processes allow, it is essential that you see actual materials at your local stockist before choosing. This is particularly important with natural stone products where considerable variation occurs. Our reconstituted stone products contain natural aggregates so we cannot guarantee that products made at different times will have identical shades. When using several packs, mix products from each pack to achieve a blended overall appearance.


Weathering and site conditions can cause variations in shade to appear on individual units. These will not affect performance in any way and will diminish over time. Both natural and reconstituted stone products are affected by sunlight and rainfall. Natural stone may develop brown markings as its iron content oxidises. Stonemarket cannot accept a for efflorescence which may occur as a deposit and/or apparent colour fading in the form of patches or drip staining.

Terms and Conditions

In the unlikely event of products reaching you in less than satisfactory condition, please notify the retailer immediately. Please note that if you lay a product with a defect apparent prior to laying, then we may not accept responsibility for costs incurred.

While every effort has been made to give sound advice, Stonemarket cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained in following it. We cannot accept any liability if products are used for purposes other than those for which they were intended, or if damage is due to not following our advice.

Safety Information

For important advice and safety information, please visit here.

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