Sandsford Driveway Setts

Sandsford Driveway Setts

Sandsford Driveway Setts provide endless scope for imaginative driveway design. The large sized blocks come in two contrasting textures that are designed to be laid in combination. The Setts are supplied in single textured packs enabling you to create your own ratio of smooth and coarse textures. Sandsford Driveway Setts feature the patented contour base which has been specifically engineered for quick and straight forward installation. Each pack comes with the correct amount of Stonemarket Driveway Jointing Compound.

  • Flexible design and a premium finishing look.
  • Large sized driveway blocks at 210mm gauge and a mix of five sizes.
  • Option of two unique colour ways.
  • Two contrasting textures are supplied in separate packs.
  • Designed to be laid in combination for impactful results.
  • Patented base design & driveway jointing compound included.

Sandsford Driveway Setts is one of our concrete block paving products within our driveways range.

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