Timberstone Replica Garden Sleepers

Timberstone Sleepers

Almost indistinguishable from genuine aged timber, Timberstone Sleepers offers the sought-after weathered appearance of real timber, but will never rot, warp or splinter. This versatile landscaping product can be used for useful garden planters, unique patio paving or pathways.

Timberstone Sleepers are available in 2 distinct sizes to replicate the natural laying pattern of wood. Each size can be obtained in 2 different colour blends: Coppice Brown (dark brown) or Driftwood (variegated dark grey). Timberstone concrete Sleepers boast multiple face profiles moulded from genuine Timber Planks, ensuring an incredibly durable but natural looking product.

The entire Timberstone range, consisting of Logs (stepping stones), Posts and Sleepers, lends itself to natural settings where other paving may look intrusive. Concrete Timberstone Posts, in Corner and Intermediate configurations, are perfect for constructing raised garden beds and planters. The Timberstone range complements almost any property type.

Plus, Stonemarket have now introducted a Timberstone Decking.

You can buy the full Timberstone range through our large network of UK stockists, details of which can be found using our online stockist search tool.

Timberstone Sleepers is one of our reconstituted paving products within our paving and pathways range.

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