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Discountinued from our offer as of 31 December 2023.


Flag paving

Discontinued products Alternative products
Bourton Range Firedstone (Available in Marshalls portfolio only)
Millstone® NEXTpave® range -
  • 600x600 Beige
  • Project Pack Beige, Cream, Silver, Grey, Black
  • 600x600 Cream
  • 600x600 Cream, Silver, Grey, Black
  • 1210x310x22, 1010x760x22, 760x760x22, 570x285x22 - Oatmeal
  • 1210x310x22, 1010x760x22, 760x760x22, 570x285x22 - Caramel
  • 1210x310x22, 1010x760x22, 760x760x22, 570x285x22 - Silver
  • 1210x310x22, 1010x760x22, 760x760x22, 570x285x22 - Imperial
  • 1210x210x22, 570x570x22 - Oatmeal
  • 1210x210x22, 570x570x22 - Caramel
  • 1210x210x22, 570x570x22 - Silver
  • 1210x210x22, 1260x760x22, 570x570x22 - Imperial


 Discontinued products  Alternative products
Vecta® Range Rio® Range

Modal X - coming soon, 2024, available in the Marshalls portfolio only

Medley® Driveway Paviors
  • Smooth & Coarse, Sierra
Medley® Driveway Paviors
  • Smooth & Coarse, Frost Grey
Applesby® Antique Range Trident®
  • Burnt Ochre, Sierra
Granite Setts
  • 110x110x100 - Beige
Granite Setts
  • 110x110x100 - Silver, Black

Kerb, Edging & Walling

Discontinued products Alternative products
Victoria Rope Edging Range -
Scalloped Edging Range -
Darlstone Range Rio® Edging range (Available from Marshalls portfolio only)
Avant-garde® Edging
  • Caramel, Imperial
Avant-garde® Edging
  • Oatmeal, Silver
Arctic® Granite Edging
  • Glacier
Arctic® Granite Edging
  • Midnight
Carluke range Marshallite (Available from Marsahlls portfolio only)
Exilis® Sawn Range Exilis® Splitface Range