Stonemarket Important Advice & Safety Information

General Advice


  • Wherever possible product packs should be stored on solid level ground avoiding slopes or soft ground conditions.
  • Packs should only be multi stacked once localised conditions have been assessed and deemed safe. Pack shape, ground conditions, localised weather, and any other environmental considerations should be taken into account. We do not recommend the stacking of irregular shaped products.
  • To avoid product damage, do not slide or otherwise move the product whilst in contact with the ground.
  • All building materials should be protected from extreme weather conditions, both during storage and after initial installation. The packaging on longstanding shrink-wrapped product is susceptible to U.V. degradation and will become brittle with associated strength loss.

Health and Safety

Prior to the handling and installation of any building materials, certain Health & Safety issues must be considered.

  • Particular attention should be given to the weight of the pack and the individual product weight given on the pack transit label. Movement of product through mechanical or manual means should be fully assessed and appropriate control measures implemented as deemed necessary.
  • Where packaging has been disturbed or removed, precautions should be considered to control the risk of falling product from the pack, particularly when securing bands are damaged or cut.
  • Most building products contain natural occurring minerals which may be released as silica dust during secondary processing by the end user; appropriate control measures should be implemented following an assessment of the associated risk.
  • Product Data Sheets are available via Stonemarket’s Technical Team on 0345 302 0603.
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