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By far the best way to have your garden landscaped is to start by using a professional designer. To achieve the best use of space, style, balance, structure and proportion and to translate your ideas into your dream garden, we believe good garden design is a necessity rather than a luxury. This is why we offer an affordable, fixed price design service at the start of our project process.

Our Garden Designers are professionals who have a working knowledge of not only landscape construction and building techniques but also of plants and their growing habits. The designer will take into account how you and your family intend to use the garden, budget, style, materials, likes and dislikes, and will use this information to put together a design that meets the criteria of your brief and budget expectations.

The final design will be drawn to a scale appropriate to the size of your garden and once the drawings have been created we will be able to provide you with an accurate quotation to implement the scheme.

By the end of the design process you will be clear in your mind exactly how you want your garden to look and with the design in-hand we will have a clear brief on what your requirements and expectations are, which can eliminate costly misunderstandings and misinterpretation during the building process.

A garden design fee represents a very small percentage of the overall build cost, why take the risk of working without one?

Our design service works seamlessly with our construction services. We understand the complexities that a garden project can bring and we posses the expertise and skills for your project to run smoothly , on time and within budget.

Our teams of experienced landscapers have a thorough understanding of the design and build process and approach problem-solving on site with a creative and positive attitude. They are friendly, approachable and trustworthy and will of course treat you, your neighbours, your home and your garden with respect. You will be kept informed, engaged and involved throughout the work


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