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I have been a Landscape Architect since 1994 working on a variety of interesting projects. Over the last ten years I have delivered garden designs and monitored the installation of gardens using my experience from the commercial sector to control timescales, budgets and client aspirations. After agreeing a fee and visiting the client, a brief is established to flesh out the scope of work. Later I sketch out some ideas for discussion and then a scaled CAD plan is provided for the client/builder to work from. Additional advice, construction details and planting plans can be provided for an extra fee. I am also keen to assist in the delivery of the garden by finding a suitable contractor and monitoring their work to achieve successful delivery of the design concept. I am a keen landscaper myself and so often get involved in the site work such as selecting materials, pruning, setting out and planting etc., working alongside others or solo. Projects vary from beds, borders, patio's, driveways and decking to design or masterplanning of a large plot of land or estate.

  • Company: Urban Green
  • Owners: John Cutts
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    52 Grove Avenue



    B13 9RY

  • Telephone: 01214491858
  • Mobile: 07971 915967
Urban Green


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